Pet Odour Removal

Dogs have a penchant for finding the most embarrassing spot to mark their territory in their new homes, which means trying to remove dog stains can be a constant headache.

Bringing home a new family pet can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for homeowners, but with that experience come many obstacles—feeding rituals, vet visits, and perhaps most challenging of all, housebreaking.

Not only does dog urine leave a foul odor, but also it can reach its way deep into carpet fiber and backing, causing permanent damage if you don’t act quickly with the proper techniques. We offer a pet-stain removal technique that is formulated to eliminate even the most pungent urine odors.

But why not use commonly available products to remove dog stains? Because many of the bottles of treatment you can buy at the supermarket don’t permanently remove dog stains and odors, which means stains can resurface over time, even if they initially appear to be gone. In fact, most pet stain removers have added fragrance that just act to mask the pet urine odour.

Pet stains don’t stay on the surface for long; they make their way deep into carpet fiber and carpet backing, which means if they aren’t deep cleaned, they will inevitably make their way back up and cause noticeable damage to your carpet—even after repeated cleaning.

Scents can persist for years after your pet’s unfortunate accident. Even after the moisture evaporates, urine crystals remain lodged to carpet fibers and backings, and that scent can reappear when the temperature or humidity fluctuates.

Even after the scent fades or has been covered up by carpet perfumes, residual pet urine can cause permanent stains by damaging carpet dyes and fabrics. This is why it is so important to make sure the entire stain is removed.

Our treatment works deep into your carpet and removes dog stains for good. Not only is it far more effective than store-bought cleaners at removing pet stains and odors, but it is also safe for your pooch. We spent 10 years working with a team of PhDs, chemists and botanists to develop a cleaning method that is both effective and safe for pets and humans alike.

So if you are sick of fighting pet stains that just keep reappearing over and over again, it’s time to try something that will work the first time, and we have the answer. If you have any questions about pet stains and odors, or carpet cleaning in general, call us today. We are always happy to help!

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Pet Urine Before

Before Pic Of Pet Urine

Pet Urine After

After Pic Of Pet Urine